De Volksbank

For the Volksbank, I worked together with a team to create the website.

A new website completely designed around De Volksbanks 

De Volksbank is the parent company of ASN Bank, BLG Wonen, RegioBank, and SNS. Together these bands make one of the biggest banks in The Netherland. Their mission is to bank with a human touch. They are all focused on the wellbeing of customers, nature, and society. For example, they give free financial education on primary schools, Eurowijs( I also worked on that website). On de Volksbank website you have insight into what de Volksbank does to be the best bank they can be. Because on De Volksbank’s site you can’t manage your money, this site is an informative site, meanly for investors. They write a lot of articles about how de Volksbank invests in sustainability. This is what they want to promote on the site. Another part is about Investor Relations where investors can find (annual) reports.

Telling their story

Our main focus was to tell the story of de Volksbank. Their old site did not tell the story of how sustainable de Volksbank is. The Homepage we designed tells the complete story and focuses on the 4 pillars; sustainability, human for human, financial resilience and utility over return. The old CMS also didn’t give the marketing department a lot of options. 

Working in Scrum

When working on de Volksbank we worked in a scrum team, 2 frontend-developers, 1 backend developer, Ux designer, product owner and myself. When you work in a team together in the same room there is a focus, which leads to quick communication and a great result.