Basic-Fit Flow

A client Jungle minds worked for a long time is Basic-Fit. They came with the question of building a new sign-in flow. As a visual designer, I made this redesign together with a team. This was one of my favorite projects because I worked felt that we made a real difference to the users of Basic-Fit, but also to the way the client is aware of the importance of user testing. The team existed of different expertises but we really were working together very well.


When a user chooses to sign up you want them to be focused and fill in this form as easy and quick as possible. For the design, we chose something with clear steps, no distractions and focus.

Because every step needs an explanation but not every user needs the explanation we placed that on the side. So you can continue your form-flow. 

Desktop screen of the sign-up flow

Communicate all the different options and subscriptions

There are a lot of different options within this sign up flow. So many states… The most difficult ones were choices that had an effect on the thing that people chose before. For example, you get a free bag if you choose subscription 2, but if you want to pay the year upfront you don’t get the free bag anymore. And let me tell you, to communicate this with the customer was pretty difficult. 

All the different options in components

Loads of user testing

Because this was a completely different approach to there normal way sign up flow, we also did some user testing. When we did the user testing a lot of people were confused and said that they wouldn’t sign up. But what they really meant was that the copy confused them. Not design or UX, so after this test, we knew we needed to do another test, so we did. Within the second test, we had changed the copy dramatically and the results were well, spectacular. Nobody had any problem, users understood it and they even said that they like how honest Basic-Fit is.

A picture of the Basic-Fit user test


One of the things I am most proud of it the receipt. I did a complete redesign of the old receipt that had a drop off of almost 70%. So this was one of the biggest pain points. Within the first user test and also the second one everybody found the receipt easy and understandable. I can’t say the exact numbers but the drop off at the receipt was about 40% to 50% less. The most important reason was that we show the receipt 2 times after you chose all your options and after you filled in your personal information. 

Mobile, tablet and desktop versions of the receipt

I love working in a multidisciplinary team. I truly believe that if they focus on the same end goal the project will thrive to succeed.