Vyoo design sprint

Vyoo is 1 of 4 google design sprints I did at Jungle minds.

What is Vyoo

Together with the SBK, an organisation where you can rent and buy art, Jungle Minds did a design sprint. The challenge was how to make (renting) art, more attractive to younger generations. SBK noticed that young professionals don’t buy/ rent art anymore.

Our process

During this design sprint, we followed the google sprint, doing ‘How might we’, ‘Crazy eights’, making a lot of sketches and discussing all options. Somewhere within this week, an idea popped in my head. What if you can’t choose the art. My college’s though this idea was brilliant, this could fix a lot of problems like how we can deliver art because a lot of young professionals living in a city don’t have cars. We could also add an educational aspect, where we can teach you about the artist, the piece and what style it is. 

Sprint result

After this intense but fun week, we all worked on the end presentation. After one day of designing, I designed these screens. The main focus of the screens was to tell what the concept was en present it to SBK.

Next steps

The SBK was enthusiastic, they thought the idea was great and together with Jungle Minds made a Beta version, you can sign up on vyoo.nl.