Graduation project

During my graduation project, a product for stoma wearers was developed. The entire study can be read – in Dutch – through this link. Thanks to user research it has been concluded that stoma carriers must be supported in finding suitable stoma products. They experience complications caused by their stoma products. Steam carriers want these complications to be resolved so that they can live comfortably.

Experience map stomamateriaal proberenTry experience map stoma material

Based on these results, I looked at the options that are now available to find stoma products. This competition map showed that there is no independent assembly point where all the stoma products can be found. The search for a stoma product can therefore really be a maze.

The concept developed from the research fits in well with the needs of stoma wearers. The user survey also looked at the use of devices within stoma carriers. For example, the test showed that stoma wearers use their mobile phone, computer and tablet. In addition, they differ enormously in the use of Android, Windows and IOS. Due to these major differences, a responsive website was chosen, so that it can be used on almost any device.

Once the concept was clear, it was tested with the target group, the stakeholder and an expert. This feedback showed that it is very important for the stoma nurse to remain involved in the selection of stoma products. Thanks to the feedback from these three groups, the concept has been deepened. This prototype started as a paper prototype, then a wireframe prototype and finally a hifi prototype. All three were tested with the target group. The third prototype was also tested with a stoma nurse. All feedback obtained during the prototype tests is processed in the end product.

Thanks to the end product (the website), stoma carriers are better supported in finding stoma material. Thanks to the site, they get more insight into the offer and can easily find stoma products. This ensures that stoma wearers know that there are more solutions for the product they use. Through this website they can talk to their stoma nurse about the possibilities, and with others.

To view the final product click here: https://marvelapp. com/3af3a0f.